New Postdoc

Since last November a new postdoctoral researcher joined our group. Welcome to Milica Feldt She will work in a project involving: “Ab initio studies of electronic structure and reactivity of heme and non-heme iron complexes” Topics: Coupled cluster methods  

New PhD Student

  A new PhD student started his project in our group on 16th of October. We are very glad to have him with us for the next 4 years. Carlos Martín Fernández Project: Ab initio studies of electronic structure and reactivity of Iron-Sulfur clusters. Topics: Multiconfigurational methods and DFT. We wish him a nice stay […]

Dr. Ho – Visiting & Workshop

Today 15th of August we are very happy to have a Visiting Professor in our group! Dr. Junming Ho, from the A-Star Institute of High-Performance Computing in Singapore, is spending the second half of August in Leuven as a Visiting Professor. He is giving two lectures in the workshop, including a general introduction to the […]


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